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Foxygen Release New Song & Announce New Album


Foxygen is saying goodbye to so much with their upcoming album, Seeing Other People. Goodbye to your twenties, goodbye to partying, goodbye to touring and just focusing on the music. With the detail of the album surfacing with a release date set for late April, their first single “Livin’ a Lie” reveals a lot of where they’re at as a band while cementing their place in the history of what’s come before them.

The song has a nice soulful pacing, complete with small stabs of chill vibes and heartfelt lyrics. When things tick up, they open like a blossoming flower and reveal more energy and heft with each passing note. The video, much like the music, feels reflective of so much, and gives us a glimpse of what their album will sound like.

You can stream “Livin’ a Lie” on all streaming sites, you can purchase it in digital shops, and you can preorder Seeing Other People directly from Jagjaguwar Records before it comes out on April 26. There are no listed shows for Foxygen at this time.

Image Credits: Photo by Nicky Giraffe.



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