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The New Jess Ribeiro Isn’t Strange, It’s Lovely


Depending how much attention you pay to music coming from down under, you may or may have not heard of Melbourne’s Jess Ribeiro. Known for chill vibes, meandering tunes and soft vocals, the Australian artist dropped a new single “Stranger” and it has our ears perked for what’s next.

Released in late January, the song touches on much of what Ribeiro has brought us in the past, with more hooks and more of an endearing tone. The song creeps up on you, offering Ribeiro’s vocals as the catalyst. It’s light though the build and the guitar hook will stay with you for days, making us excited for what her next album will sound like.

You can stream the video above or on YouTube, you can stream the track on all streaming sites or purchase it from all digital outlets. You can purchase much of her catalog from Barely Dressed Records. Ribeiro will be on tour starting February 23 at Day by the Bay in Mornington, VIC, Australia until April 25-28 in Bendigo, VIC, Australia at Bendigo Autumn Music Festival. Her upcoming appearances can be located here.

Image Credits: Photo by Nick Mckk.



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