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Radiant Baby Glistens on Debut Release


You may or may not know about Montreal’s Radiant Baby, but in a short time he’s made plenty of fans in the electro-pop world. His mixture of eighties infused new wave and dance pop is pretty hard not to like, and with chill wave and dream pop touches, his debut album Restless is pretty wonderful.


There’s a certain majestic notion to how the Canadian producer approaches a track, almost in a regal manner. The songs sort of slowly take their time to get going, then sparkle with just enough shimmer. The album’s opener “Firecracker” does just that, opening slow then bursting with a mix of new wave and dance pop nuances. This occurs again on “Sweet Little Thing” where the synths that come in just make you want to get up and dance to the ever-expanding beat.

Of course there are songs that are immediate here as well. The eighties sounding “Do It” sounds like it was penned for a time when men wore pastel suits and did plenty of blow on the glove boxes of their Ferrari. “Funny Game” hits from the early notes and adds touches of dark wave that feel like the past but not anything lifted. Though on the release, the standout is probably “Don’t Push.” it’s a slow jam that feels like nothing else, with a cluster of beats and synths that create a sound that feels like a dazed daydream. The whole release is definitely its own thing, and the mixture of sounds come together to hone in on a sound that’s not coming from anyone else.

You can stream Restless on all streaming sites, you can purchase it from all digital outlets including Bandcamp or you can grab it physically from Lisbon Lux Records. Radiant Baby will be on tour starting February 22 in Montreal, Quebec at Bar le Ritz until March 10 at The New Colossus Music Festival in New York, NY. A complete list of his tour dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Maya Fuhr.



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