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Sweden’s Merely Drops Thrilling New Track


For anyone paying attention, Sweden has always had a history of music coming out that’s at the top of the game. For those who are unaware, their music scene is rife with artists that stand above most in terms of output and creativity. That’s what we think about Merely, a Swedish artist who’s been releasing beautiful music since she began. On her new single “Mystery Garden” she continues that trend ahead of her new album’s release later this week.

The song feels like something from a dream where the gaze of the sunlight traces your body as you lie in a deep state of relaxation. The vocals dance above the mix of synths and orchestral notes, crafting a sound that may remind you of some, but really sounds like no one else. It has elements of electronica but it’s not robotic, it has hooks but isn’t pop and its brilliance shines through on each note played. The piano driven track will definitely stay with you after the first notes are played.

You can stream the song on all streaming sites or you can purchase it from all digital shops. You can also preorder Hatching the Egg directly from YEAR0001 before its release date of February 14. You can catch Merely in person in Stockholm at Slaktkyrkan on February 23.

Image Credits: Photo by David Chocron.



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