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Versing is Far From “Tethered” on New Video


For a minute now, we’ve been fans of Seattle’s Versing. Their brand of energetic indie rock has been something we’ve been amped over fro a good while. With their new video for the song “Tethered,” they offer another glimpse into what their upcoming album 10000 will sound like when it drops in early May.

The song stays in line with what the band has done in the past, though it also has a post-punk feel that works on multiple levels. In fact it’s such a solid sound that we hope we her more of it from these guys. It has plenty of hooks within the upbeat stride and gives anyone who hears them a track they can’t forget. The blue and red hues the band performs against in the video offer the perfect chemistry between energy and darkness.

You can stream the video on YouTube or above all you’d like, you can stream the song on all streaming sites, or you can pre-order the album directly from Hardly Art before it releases on May 03. Versing doesn’t have any listed tour dates as of yet, though that could change when the album’s release becomes closer.

Image Credits: Photo by Gordon de Los Santos.



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