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The Latest From SASAMI Should Perk Your Ears


For over a decade, L.A. singer songwriter Sasami Ashworth has been an artist everyone collaborated with. Whether it be appearing on an album for Vagabon or Hand Habits, or playing in Cherry Glazerr, her multi-instrumentalist talents haven’t gone unnoticed. Now, under the name SASAMI ahead of her debut album Sasami due in early March, her two latest singles should have you ready for her name to be one you hear regularly.

With the newest single “Free (feat. Davendra Banhart),” the tender side of her vocals mixed with minimal instrumentation rings throughout the song, offering some of the prettiest music of the year so far. The way that the guitar and vocals dance above a percussive instrument that sounds like tapping on the ceiling, is light but not airy, and deep but not dark. It works while leaving an impression on the listener in the kindest way possible.

On “Jealousy,” you hear a different side to SASAMI, where the stride of the song is more upbeat, containing stabs of beats and a guitar noodle that only exemplifies her breathy voice. Dual vocals come in, live drums and backing vocals are added, and there’s so much happening yet it never feels cluttered. It’s like so much and nothing else at the same time. You don’t worry about what genre to place it in, because you’re enjoying it so much.

You can stream the videos above or on YouTube, you can stream the tracks on all streaming sites or you can purchase them from digital shops. You can also pre-order the new album Sasami directly from Domino Records before its release date of March 08. SASAMI will be on tour beginning February 27 in Berlin at Badehaus until May 10 through May 12 at FORM Festival in Arcosanti, AZ. A complete listing of her upcoming performances can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Riley Blakeway.



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