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FONTAINES D.C. Is The Punk Band You Have to Check Out


Punk music is universal and doesn’t know borders. No matter what happens in this country or any country on earth, punk will always be there, pushing the boundaries between the wealthy elders and the youth. There’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of the pulsating punk of Ireland’s FONTAINES D.C.-but that needs to change. One of the most bombastic new punk bands around, their two latest singles should ready your ears for their new album Dogrel due in April.

The latest of the two singles is “Big,” and it sounds like the protest punk of the genre’s early days. In ways the music is sparse though that doesn’t mean it’s not without energy and purpose. The vocals are at the front of the mix while drums and guitar prop up and out at times, making the song hard to ignore.

The previous single, “Too Real” is more bombastic with lush sounds and guitar effects. The vocals are still up front, but here the band fills the space with snappy drums and guitar effects that sound spacey and surreal. Murky bass lines and a more melodic approach come in and craft a song that you’ll be singing along with, while the band touches on post-punk in how the song is structured. The song proves that the band definitely has their own sound without masking any of that in an overproduced sound. This is punk in its best form, in your face and without apology.

You can stream the two songs on all streaming sites, you can purchase them in digital shops, and you can watch the videos here or on YouTube. You can also pre-order Dogrel before it’s release date of April 12 in multiple bundles and on multiple formats directly from Partisan Records. FONTAINES D.C. will be on tour beginning tonight in Limerick City, Ireland at Dolans Warehouse until December 01 in Southampton, United Kingdom at The 1865. A complete listing of their tour dates can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Richie JP.

David Garrick

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