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Martin Frawley Charms on Undone at 31


Deep down in Melbourne, Martin Frawley worked hard on his debut solo release Undone at 31. The Twerps co-founder takes the lead here, offering a mixture of straight indie rock and Twee touched moments that showcase a new side to what he’s known for, while the endearing honesty that flows from beginning to end is hard not to like.

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The album is a winding road, full of personal memories and exercising negative thoughts into beauty. Frawley doesn’t come out swinging from the gates, but that doesn’t mean that the album doesn’t hit like you may expect. The album’s opener “You Want Me?” has nuances of country folk spiced with piano additions that create an intriguing sound. There’s no genre here, Frawley is just crafting interesting music that contains many parts that all work together. This occurs throughout the album, where it may remind you of a particular genre in moments, but really Frawley has his own sound. “End of the Bar” is an indie rock song that has more elements than most indie rock, “Just Like the Rest” reminds you of eighties pop but actually isn’t that at all and “Chain Reaction” touches on electronica, but is actually indie rock. Frawley doesn’t need your approval or a box to be placed into, because he earns your attention with music that’s head and shoulders above the herd.

You can stream Undone at 31 on all streaming sites, you can purchase it in all digital store fronts including Bandcamp, or you can purchase it on physical formats directly from Merge Records. Martin Frawley will be the artist in residence at Brunswick Music Festival March 03 through March 17 and he’ll appear at By the Meadow 2019 in Bamba, VIC, Australia on March 29.

Image Credits: Photo by Danny Cohen.



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