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Jackie Mendoza Gets Dreamy on Two New Singles


There’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of the dream pop induced eccentric pop of Jackie Mendoza. Her sound blends Latin pop with American nuances to create a sound that’s hard not to fall for. Ahead of her upcoming E.P. LuvHZ due in late April, she’s dropped two new singles and we think you’ll like how they sound.

With her latest drop “Seahorse,” Mendoza takes dance pop touches and dreamy synths and places them above a beat that feels airy and light, yet still hits with all the dream pop you’re looking for. The song has spacey moments alongside these little pops and snaps that awaken your ears.

On “de lejos,” Mendoza sings in Spanish with a more Latin influenced sound. The way the guitar dances with the synths builds a sound that feels groovy enough to immediately get down to. There’s a magical balance in how she blends eighties notations with the structuring, making the track one you won’t soon forget.

You can stream both songs on all streaming sites, you can watch the videos above or on YouTube, or you can purchase the tracks in all digital shops including Bandcamp. LuvHZ is due worldwide on April 26, though you can pre-order your own copy directly from Luminelle Recordings. Jackie Mendoza will be at SXSW March 12 through March 17 in Austin, TX., as well as at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, NY on March 27.

Image Credits: Photo by Tayo Okyekan.



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