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March 2019

“Crow’s Perch” from black midi is More Intensity & Chaos From the Four Piece

We can completely understand if you’re not familiar with the post-punk intensity of London’s black midi. The band hasn’t been around for a good while, but in a short time they’ve made themselves well known with insane live sets and more intriguing music. On their new single “crow’s perch” they prove that the best is...More Please

The New Collaborative Album Matt Surfin’& Friends Promises to Be Extraordinary

Collaborative records can either be exciting or exhausting, depending on who’s involved. For the collaborative project Matt Surfin’ & Friends, it feels more like family, chilling together where an album was the result of the hang. Featuring Matt Seferian of the band Pope, the upcoming self-titled album has works with members of Ratboys, Pope, Video...More Please