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Fall For the Intriguing Folk of Konradsen


Some of our favorite music comes from places far away, and the endearing folk of Oslo duo Konradsen is one of our favorite new acts. There’s something magical in how they approach music, mixing in new techniques with vintage styles to craft sounds that you can’t walk away from. On their latest single “Baby Hallelujah,” they offer up these intriguing sounds and more.

The way the song feels like it was made in a group setting, where there’s background sounds that play out underneath the vocals and the piano is engaging to say the least. There’s a lot of heft in the music, though it comes off as light on the first listen. In fact, there’s more happening here than you may think, forcing you to place the song on repeat several times just to take it all in.

You can stream the song on all streaming sites, you can purchase it in all digital shops including on Bandcamp, and you can check out their other releases from Su Tissue Records. Konradsen will perform on March 02 at by:Larm in Oslo Norway. 

Image Credits: Photo by Signe Fuglested Luksengard.



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