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Telekinesis Turns Out Another Perfect Gem


Telekinesis has always made some of the best records your ears can experience. Leader, songwriter and performer Michael Benjamin Lerner seems to have the right head for creating unfussy power pop songs with ease, and they just keep coming album after album. On their latest release Effuxion, Telekinesis proves real fast that skill set isn’t lost, in fact it’s only getting better with age.

For starters it should be noted that there’s a charm to these songs, where they blend together as an album and not just a random collection. In many ways, the production is laid out like it was done by Jeff Lynne, without the expansive budget he typically employs. All of the songs, every one has a shimmer and a pop that you don’t get to hear much in today’s compressed stems world. To say that a particular song has one notation or the other isn’t doing the album justice. Sure, the opener “Effuxion” may remind you of work done by The Beatles or just another revered songwriter. Or maybe you’ll hear “Like Nothing’ and be reminded of how large scale rock acts in the seventies played piano based pop while not really falling into that genre. But we suspect that in many ways, you’ll just sink into an easy chair with headphones on, and soak up every catchy and hook filled note that falls all over this record.

The Graham Parsons touches of “Running Like a River” come on with plenty of folk pop heft, “Suburban Streetlight Drunk” has the nuances of ELO without sounding like it is copying any of it, and “How Do I Get Rid of Sunlight?” will charm your insides to where you place the song on repeat again and again. Effuxion isn’t a wonderful collection of pop gems, it’s an album that flows from beginning to end like a story that’s being told in the moment without ever finding a lull.

You can stream Effuxion on all streaming sites, you can purchase it in all digital shops including Bandcamp, or you can pick it up physically directly from Merge Records. Telekinesis will be on tour starting March 31 in Baker City, OR at Churchill Dancehall until May 04 in Vancouver, BC at Biltmore Cabaret. A complete list of their tour dates can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Rachel Demy.



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