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Astragal Comes Out Swinging on EP II


We’ve gotten to see the gentlemen of Houston’s Astragal from their meager beginnings to the touring act they’ve grown to be. On previous efforts, they danced with the notions of added post-punk to their jangle infused indie rock sound. On their new drop, EP II they go head first into post-punk and come out of the other side refreshed and reinvigorated.

The opener “Wilt” is really everything. The way they tread into the territories of early British post-punk before dancing in touches of their dream pop past is masterful, offering up some of the most interesting music of their early careers. This is followed with “Bloomer,” a more terse and snappy paced version of post-punk that has moments of early new wave laced throughout the catchy and upbeat track. They slow things down on “Scenery II,” showing more dark touches that work while taking listeners on a journey as the story plays out. The heavy synths at the opening of the song never sound like electronica, but rather a band placing their toes into something new. The closer “Moderne Luxury” shows that the path chosen to go full into post-punk works on multiple levels. The band offers plenty of melody with jazz heavy bass lines and tortured vocals to craft another catchy song that at times will remind you of The Smiths without sounding like a cover band in the process. If this is where Astragal is ready to stay for a while, we’re on board and we think you will be as well.

You can stream EP II on all streaming sites, you can purchase it digitally from all digital outlets or you can pick up their music on vinyl directly from Wallflower Records. Astragal will be on tour beginning in May though the tour has not yet announced. You can catch them in Houston, TX on March 21 at Satellite Bar next.

Image Credits: Photo by Jonathan Mazaltov.

David Garrick

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