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Lomelda Melts Hearts on M for Empathy


Since relocating from Silsbee, TX to Los Angeles, Lomelda has become quite the rising star of indie folk. Withe the previous release THX sounding like songs that were being played for friends, the new album M for Empathy has a more introspective feel where tender and velvety notes escape throughout, giving anyone who hears the album they’ll have to spend time with to get into.


The almost quieted sound of opener “Talk” sets the mood for the sad sounds within. Keep in mind, this isn’t depression music, just a more inwards conversation about lonely nights far away from home. There’s hints of upbeat notations on “Bust,” where a piano dances onto the track like sunshine, and offers some of the more shimmering moments of the album. A definite highlight of the album is “M for Mush,” where Hannah Reed’s endearing vocals take the lead with a quiet piano in the background that daintily plays underneath her signature acoustic. It has a very whimsical feel that opens things up.This occurs again on “Tell,” it’s upbeat done the way Reed does it, offering up multiple vocal takes together creating a beautiful sound that you can’t shake.

“Slide” offers more highlights, while “So Bad 2, Care” is like a vignette of pure beauty and “M for Me” gives the only track to crack the two minute mark. The entire release feels closer to moments in time, carefully edited to leave you wanting more. It all feels very personal, with sad moments brought to life in the best way possible. Again, Lomelda takes our deepest and darkest moments and crafts them into beautiful art for our ears.

You can stream M for Empathy on all streaming sites, you can purchase it in all digital shops including on Bandcamp, or you can buy it directly from Double Double Whammy Records. Lomelda is appearing April 20 at The Irenic in San Diego, CA and May 05 at Eleswhere in Brooklyn, NY.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Double Double Whammy.



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