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FEWS Bring Jangle to Post-Punk with Into Red


For a good while, pretty much anything that comes from South London has been worth getting into your ears. Their scene is full of bands that cultivate solid punk and post-punk. Though they’re transplants to the area, FEWS are a band that you can add to the list. Their new album Into Red should delight anyone who likes post-punk, while the jangled notes that are peppered throughout the album add a nice touch you can’t forget.

The opening song “Quiet” is anything but, mixing a dissonant attitude with a kick drum that is a good lead in for the album. FEWS makes post-punk in their own way, and this song is a reminder that the larger scale sounds from within work from start to finish. The almost talk-sing vocals offer a deadpan delivery that mixes well, causing a stir of notes that sound more grand that what you’d expect from the genre. Tracks like “Paradiso” and “Business Man” fall closer to traditional post-punk, but the core of the album is more than traditional by any means.

“Suppose” offers melodies to their off key approach, “Limits” is dark and brooding at times while also being quick and snappy and “Over” has that discordant bass line that’s made the genre so easy to fall for. The standout track of the album is easily the song “Anything Else.” On it FEWS adds jangle pop pacing with traditional post-punk themes to craft their own sound. It’s a gamble that pays off giving anyone who hears it, a new interpretation of the long standing post-punk sound. FEWS isn’t trying to fall into anything traditional here, and Into Red proves that post-punk can take a shake up and still stay true to its core.

You can stream Into Red on all streaming sites, you can pick it up digitally from all online retailers of music, or you can grab physical copies directly from the FEWS web store. FEWS is on tour beginning March 16 at VERA in Groningen, Netherlands until March 30 at Razzmatazz in Barcelona, Spain. A complete list of their upcoming appearances can be located here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.

David Garrick

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