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Stef Chura Drops New Track Ahead of New Album


For a while now we’ve had the music of Stef Chura on our radar. Chura has always dropped music we could sink our teeth into and her new single “Method Man” gets rowdy right from the start. The debut single from her upcoming release Midnight produced by Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest, the song has plenty of growling weight and should give you an idea of what the record will sound like ahead of its release in June.

The song is gritty and doesn’t really let up for its snarling opening with Chura’s vocals at the front of the mix. The weight of how the drums hit alongside her guitar works on multiple levels as the song picks up speed before she lets loose like lightning in a bottle. Chura is definitely going full tilt here, offering a heavier side to what she’s done in the past. We love it and can’t wait to hear what Midnight will sound like in its entirety.

You can stream “Method Man” on all streaming sites, you can watch the video above or on YouTube, or you can purchase the song in all digital shops. You can also pre-order Midnight directly from Saddle Creek Records before its release date of June 07. Stef Chura is on tour beginning March 12 in Austin, TX at Beerland until March 15 at Cheer Up Charlies as part of SXSW. Then her tour resumes in Hot Springs, AR on March 16 at Valley of the Vapors until August 10 in Milwaukee at Backroom at Collectivo. A complete list of her upcoming appearances can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Chloe Sells.



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