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SASAMI Conjures Darkness From Shoegaze Underpinnings


Sasami Ashworth is heading full steam into solo artist world, after years of performing with everyone in bands and in the studio.On her debut full length SASAMI, she pulls the darkness that’s associated with new wave and shoegaze and stands forth with an album that jingles and jangles while gripping at your heart at times. With collaborations from members of Beach Fossils, Devendra Banhart and France’s Soko, SASAMI is an album you can really connect with.

At times the album is just straight chill and relaxed music. Though that vibe has an undercurrent of decayed guitar tones and shoegaze structure. The opener “I Was a Window” is a great example of just that. Sasami takes her time in getting to the chorus while offering scruffy guitar notes and a more easy going pacing. This occurs several more times like on “Free,” on “At Hollywood,” and on “Callous.”

The entire album isn’t an exercise in bummer core though, as their are upbeat tracks that explore the intensity and at times sprite moments of shoegaze and intricate instrumentation. “Not The Time” is snappy and full of lush tones, “Morning Comes” has touches of post-punk and new wave and “Turned Out I Was Everyone” seems to pull ll of that together. It’s not as much a shoegaze release as it is an amalgamation of multiple genres put together to craft their own sound. The standout track is probably “”Pacify My Heart,” due to the dark tones of how it unfolds. The lyrics feel very introspective as Sasami’s vocals open up as the track ticks along, and the level of extra instrumentation on the song is stunning. The song has a lot to unfold, with layers upon layers. The entire album is far from what a lot of artists are doing today, mixing genres within themselves and giving your senses something new to hold on to.

You can stream SASAMI on all streaming sites, you can purchase it in all digital outlets or you can pick it up physically directly from Domino Records. SASAMI is on tour at SXSW on March 13, then in San Diego, CA on April 02 at Soda Bar until May 10 through May 12 at FORM in Arcosanti, AZ. A complete listing of her upcoming performances can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Alice Baxley.



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