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Sofia Kourtesis Is The House Artist We’ve Been Waiting For


There’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of self-described travelling bedroom producer Sofia Kourtesis, and that’s okay. Easily the most refreshing artist to come from the House scene in over twenty years, her new debut self-titled E.P. might be the shot in the arm that house music has needed for the last decade. Taking steps from her native Lima and transcending them into the narrative of Berlin, Kourtesis offers a sound that’s not only refreshing, but a playful and inventive way to experience the joys that house music can be.

The album opens with beats that don’t sound like anything you may have heard before. Almost tribal, “Lana Gaye” is chill in its presentation, with stabs of beats hopping on and off the track. The drop comes in and steals your breath, offering a completely new take on the popular genre. The best part is that it feels like music you could get down to without hesitation, or without the approval of anyone else in the club when it plays. This is almost the theme of the release. “Trains & Airports” offers a mix of found sounds and unencumbered notes that almost pop and dance off of one another. Kourtesis is doing her own thing here and it works in so many ways.

The very South American vibes of “los Santos” offer plenty of notations to move to, though they still have a modern feel. In many ways it’s unadulterated and unfettered-it’s just straight music from multiple spaces while still never feeling unnatural. The mixed media sounds of “Home Is Where I Can Dance” ushers the intricate beats and tones of the release all together on one track. There’s these sounds that feel like water, these random cymbal crashes that come in only to disappear, and multiple clave stabs that offer up a sound of their own where the sparse vocals feel like a dream while giving you more music that should warm your heart while you get down.

You can stream Sofia Kourtesis on all streaming sites, you can purchase it in all digital shops as well. Sofia Kourtesis should be announcing a handful of select tour dates in the U.S. soon.

Image Credits: Photo by Katja Ruge.

David Garrick

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