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Get Your Fuzzy Shoegaze Fix with Nanami Ozone


In post-rock, there’s a ton of bands that make post-rock music that leaves you scratching your head. With Arizona’s Nanami Ozone, you scratch your head but less in a puzzling manner and more in the way that you don’t get how they achieve the sounds they employ. Mixing post-rock and shoegaze sounds, they definitely can pull you in with their compositions. Ahead of their new album NO due later this week, they’ve dropped a new single “Affection,” and it’s as diverse and engaging as the core of the sound.

With an opening that doesn’t immediately hit, instead opting for squeals of feedback and gurgled guitar noise, when things get going they should remind you of nineties indie rock acts. Then the disaffected vocals come in and things really start to have the shoegaze feel. Backing vocals intertwine and create a melodic undercurrent, while the fuzzy guitars should bring your head space to what bands like Swervedriver and Lush did twenty years ago. It works, while the track has a snappy stride that never loses you.

You can stream “Affection” on all streaming sites, you can purchase it digitally in all online music retailers, or you can pre-order NO directly from Tiny Engines. Nanami Ozone is on tour starting April 22 at Trunk Space in Phoenix, AZ until May 23 at Nude City in Denver, CO. A complete list of their upcoming performances can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Charles Darr.



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