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With Three Singles Out, American Football is Growing For the Better


When American Football dropped their debut album, it wasn’t the biggest release of that year by far, but still one of the most notable ones. Over the years as the mythos and fandom around the album grew, no one ever thought that the band would return to touring or much less, releasing new music. When new music did come, LP2 felt like a band attempting to please fans and stay as close to their original sound as possible. But, for bands to continue they need growth, which is probably why the newest singles from their new LP3 due late March have a broader sound. With the three tracks released so far, we’re hearing a more focused and refreshed version of the music the band makes without deterring too far from their original sound.

“Silhouettes” offers moments that remind you of past music by the band, though it treads new territory. While Mike Kinsella has always come off as honest in his voice, there’s a more personal feel to how he sounds singing this track. There’s still the meandering guitar, but the track really starts to shed some of the band’s earlier emo leanings and pushes them into a more indie rock feel that works and keeps your interest.

The second single, “Uncomfortably Numb” not only features Hayley Williams of Paramore, it offers one of the best harmonies you’ll hear in modern music. Typically on features, there’s a discord between the two vocalists, but here Williams and Kinsella blend together pretty close to perfectly, and offer more depth to the music that the band is creating. It’s a new turn that doesn’t force you away, offering some of the prettiest sounds to come from American Football since they began.

Their most recent track “Every Wave To Ever Rise” is also a song with a feature, this time Elizabeth Powell from Land of Talk. Here the feature isn’t as intertwined, giving a bit more depth in how the vocals get employed. American Football is growing, starting to say goodbye to the confines of the emo genre while giving fans something more substantial. If this is the direction the album takes, then we’re on board and eagerly awaiting what it will all sound like.

You can stream these singles on all streaming sites, they can be purchased in all digital retailers, or you can view the videos on YouTube. LP3 is also available in multiple bundles and on multiple formats for pre-order directly from Polyvinyl Records before its release date of March 22. American Football will be on tour beginning March 23 at Treefort Music Festival in Boise, ID until July 27 at Fuji Rock Festival in Yuzawa, Nigata Perfecture, Japan. A complete listing of their upcoming performances can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Atiba Jefferson.

David Garrick

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