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Patience is a Prepossessing Postcard From Mogli to The World


Berlin’s Mogli is gearing up for a pretty busy year. Aside from a Netflix documentary, a fashion line and various environmental causes, the Berlin singer songwriter is also gearing up for a massive global tour behind her new E.P. Patience. Mogli has captivated pretty much anyone who’s experienced her music, but with Patience she offers a gentle narrative that’s hard to forget.

The opening song “Intro” is peaceful and sets the stage for what Mogli has planned. It’s just a bit under the minute and three quarters mark, but sets your ears for the pop stride of “Patience.” Mogli’s soft vocals that intertwine with the murky bass line and percussive sounds that lie underneath dole out a sound that’s catchy but not sugary. The craftsmanship of the song shows the depth at which the Berlin artist puts into a song. It’s pop but it’s definitely more well thought out than typical pop music.

That artisan approach to the music continues throughout the release. The orchestral feel of “Strobe Lights (feat. Kilian & Jo),” the softly placed piano and Mogli’s emotive voice on “Another Life” feel like they’re coming from a natural space. There’s a lot of depth here, feeling very authentic, where the Berlin performer adds her own nuances to pop music without having the premonitions of being something where she had little to no involvement in the process. Mogli very quickly proves that her music has the weight of a forest full of trees with the faint touches of the wind that blows through them.

You can stream Patience on all streaming platforms, you can purchase it digitally in all online music shops, or you can pick up a limited edition clear vinyl directly from the Mogli web store. Mogli is set to begin touring tonight in Brussels, BE at Botanique until August 31 in Darmstadt, DE at Golden Leaves Festival. She will also embark on her first ever headlining tour of the US beginning at Songbyrd Music House in Washington, DC on May 03 until May 30 at Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles, CA. A complete listing of her upcoming performances can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Isabel Hayn.



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