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New Singles From Big Business Are as Epic as You’d Expect


When you’re trying to make rock music in today’s crowded music marketplace, you had better stand out. Whenever you first hear the heavy sounds made by Los Angeles duo Big Business, you can at least say that they stand out and are head and shoulders above most heavier music. Their live shows are like watching a marathon of intensity, while their albums have always given fans something they can sink their teeth into. Now, ahead of their new album The Beast You Are due in early April, they’ve dropped two new singles and they’re as epic as you’ve come to expect from them.

The bombastic and fevered drive of the newest single “Let Them Grind” works so well with what you want from these two. The drums are pounding while the bass is pulsating, offering a mixture that’s part metal, part prog, and all intensity. In many ways it feels heavy but isn’t too clunky while the stride of the track keeps it in your head without ever getting boring.

On “Heal The Weak” there’s still that darkness that lies beneath what these two do together. The crashing cymbals, the gurgling bass, the prog touches and howling vocals, it’s all here in grand fashion. The song hits so hard, yet has these great progressions that fall in, slowing things down and then picking them back up like the surge of a tidal wave. It definitely peaks your attention for the album’s release.

You can stream both songs on streaming sites, you can purchase them in all digital shops including from Bandcamp, or you can pre-order The Beast You Are directly from Joyful Noise ahead of its April 12 release. Big Business is on tour beginning April 12 in Long Beach, CA at Alex’s Bar until June 24 in Tucson, AZ at Club Congress. A complete list of their tour dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by James Rexroad.



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