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The New Collaborative Album Matt Surfin’& Friends Promises to Be Extraordinary


Collaborative records can either be exciting or exhausting, depending on who’s involved. For the collaborative project Matt Surfin’ & Friends, it feels more like family, chilling together where an album was the result of the hang. Featuring Matt Seferian of the band Pope, the upcoming self-titled album has works with members of Ratboys, Pope, Video Age, Sharks’ Teeth and many more. The first two singles off of the album already have our interests peaked, and the videos are just as engaging.

The latest video for the track “Get Down” features what looks like a trip to a zoo, where the members involved appear to be enjoying time with the animals, and more importantly-between each other. The song has nuances of bummer folk and chillwave, but it’s essentially indie rock or indie folk that ends as quick as it begins, but sticks in your head.

The debut track “Loser” is more upbeat, offering straight indie rock structuring, though still very catchy. The video, having that Bob Dylan aesthetic of signage from “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” is more playful with more players and more places. It all works with the song that’s pretty splendid from open to close.

You can stream both singles on all streaming sites, you can purchase the tracks in all online music stores, or you can  pre-order Matt Surfin’ & Friends directly from Community Records ahead of its release on May 03. The very limited edition vinyl will be pressed in 300 copies only. There’s no word of a possible tour for the record as of yet.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Community Records.

David Garrick

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