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Bill Waters Brings Plenty to The Table on New Album


Guest Author: Chase DeMaster


Bill Waters is the solo project from the New York-based producer by the same name.

Following up the 2017 effort, Humid, Bill Waters offers up Honey Hi, a collection of six of my new favorite songs on one of my favorite labels, Forged Artifacts. With Honey Hi we see a strong voice projecting intuitively creative songs throughout exceptional production. The work echoes a similar with what you might find in a “Cato as a Pun” meets the IDGAF philosophy that you can’t help but resonate with when you… imagine James Dean ripping down a country road on a motorcycle. This music feels good, and it feels good right now, and I am thinking about how cool Bill is in real life, and so should you.

Diving into the tracks, every song rips. If that is all you need to buy it, perfect, here you go. If you need more, I have more. Going in order, “Pure” is just like Bill saying, “Hi, it’s me, and I have some fresh tones for your beautiful ears! Oh, listen to this outside under a tree or on a nice walk. And while you are at it, I know it’s beautiful, but try not to kill yourself. Maybe use the sound ‘Love’ as you try to rename the tree?! Or just listen to the next track.”

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=4122748326 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]


“It’s All Right” makes the case that Bill is at the top of the hierarchy before he starts asking questions. Musically, the form is great. Just where you need a $ hook, he offers you some of the best guitar playing on the record, think something along the lines that an IG ripper would make them want to rethink their life.  

“It’s True” is a fun track. There is a shacker. We find Bill saying, “See I can be fun too! Go ahead a turn those Beatles records into frisbees, I can take it from here.” And then just as you sign your Beatles vinyl to road rash records by launching them out of the window on your way to Yosemite, you find out Bill was lying. Bill doesn’t do the things he says he was going to do, and he has you in the trap.

“Body” is a jam. It really rips. I love when people share music which each other. This is the song I am sure will serve as the preamble to many bedroom engagements. On the flip, “Body” is 100 going to serve as the anthem for every 12 kid flexing in the mirror for the next decade. I am thinking home alone 2019.

“Won’t Be Here” I am sure is a great track, but every time I get to it in my playlist I just put “Body” back on. “Body” is a jam.

“No Need” is the “Take Five” of indie rock. There I said it.

I love Honey Hi. I would spend money on a ticket with Of Montreal and Bill Waters if I can afford it after I put everything I have on the Bandcamp and getting a motorcycle I can ride on when listening to Bill Waters. Seriously, this work is done at such a high level, music like this is so rare. Thank you and congratulations, Bill.

The album is available to stream today and a limited run cassette is available from Forged Artifacts or from Bandcamp. Bill Waters is set to perform tonight in Brooklyn at Our Wicked Lady and on April 30 in Queens, New York at Trans-Pecos

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.



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