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Chris Cohen Crafts a Winner With New Album


For some, songwriting is a passage of time, capturing moments that will never occur again. For others it’s a craft where you sculpt something from nothing utilizing the tools of your trade in an attempt to convey more than just words on a page. For anyone who’s heard the music of Chris Cohen, they’ll agree that he’s the latter. Transcending pop music with multi-instrumentation with an ability that knows no bounds, his latest full length Chris Cohen finds the singer songwriter taking all of his passing fancy and placing them all into one body of work.


Taking nuances of sixties pop, touches of psych and eighties contemporary, Cohen lays it all out on the line. The almost dissonant pop of the opener “Song They Play” isn’t in a hurry to get going, but it still captures your attention. The eighties head space to how “Edit Out” is structured will remind you of acts like Phil Collins mixed with Paul Young while not taking more than influence from either. There’s a relaxed mood to the song complete with Yacht Rock moments, including a saxophone that just adds to the plethora of sounds.

The upbeat is where this record shines. Songs like the spaghetti western tones of “Green Eyes,” the sixties pop laced snappy stride of “Sweet William” and the Tropicalia nuances of “What Can I Do,” Cohen is bringing so much to his sound while making you pay attention to his soft voice and meager lyricism. The craft of the percussion between shaker and piano of “The Link” and the electro-harmonic modulation of “Heavy Weather Sailing” couldn’t be more different, yet with Cohen at the helm he seems to bring both approaches together with ease. In many ways the album is like if Christopher Cross were channeled through the mind of Sergio Mendes. It sounds strange, but it all works like you wouldn’t believe; and that’s what sets a songwriter like Cohen apart.

You can stream the album on all streaming sites, it can be purchased in all digital music shops, or you can pick it up physically from Captured Tracks, including on a peach swirl vinyl. Chris Cohen is on tour starting April 02 at Sister in Albuquerque, NM until July 06 at Springfest in Yellow Springs, OH. A complete listing of his tour dates can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Ebru Yildiz.



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