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The Happys are the Band To Uplift Your Spirits with Their Sunny Sounds


Sunny music can almost always sound false. It doesn’t matter who is playing it, when music is meant to be happy go lucky, it almost always sounds like a directive. When we first stumbled on the Californian garage rock of The Happys, we realized that upbeat and sunny was just a part of their overall sound. On their new video for the track “Cut The Rope,” they bring energy and sunshine to anyone who hears them.

The jangled guitar energy is only matched by group vocals that make the whole song sound like there’s a party occurring as the track gets laid down. The snappy pacing only makes the song stick like glue where pedal heavy use and head bopping drums feel natural and without strain. The song ends pretty quickly, but it’s catchy way just means you have to place it on repeat.

You can stream the video above or on YouTube, you can stream the band’s latest release Bipolar on all streaming sites or purchase it in all online music stores. The Happys will be performing throughout California beginning April 26 at TDS Enduro in Grass Valley, CA until November 11 at Petaluma Farmers Market in Petaluma, CA. A complete list of their shows can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Earshot Media.



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