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Get To Know Chicago’s Dehd Ahead of Debut Full Length


The Chicago D.I.Y. world is full of artists who do things on their own terms, but some of those who are in it, strive best when their work is shared. Chicago three piece Dehd got on our radar last year, and we’ve been itching for their upcoming album to drop. Now, with two singles from Water due in May, they’re ready to win you over with their mix of indie rock and what they refer to as trashpop.

Their new single “On My Side” has the ability to draw you in with its almost Velvet Underground feel. It’s not a lift as the deadpan vocals and jangled garage rock guitar create their own path, almost teetering towards post-punk in its delivery. The video, filmed in Texas after SXSW has all of the markings of independence and freedom that comes through from the music.

On the first single off of the album “Lucky” has a bit more of that garage rock feel with touches of sixties doo wop and camp that works so well when it’s done as well as it’s done here. The video has slices of exaggerated emotion and happiness that even the funnier sides of how we see ourselves, showcases the band’s sense of humor in the best way possible.

Both songs are available to stream on all streaming sites, they can also be purchased from all digital storefronts including Bandcamp. Water is available for pre-order from Fire Talk Records in multiple formats including a rare white vinyl pressing before its May 10 release date. Dehd is on tour starting April 10 at Beloit College in Beloit, WI until June 05 at Club Congress in Tucson, AZ. A rundown of their dates can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Alexa Vicius.



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