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Get The Sultry Reggae of Claude Fontaine Into Your Ears


Los Angeles based singer songwriter Claude Fontaine might not be a household name just yet, but her Kingston inspired sound should definitely grab you attention. With her self-titled debut due towards the end of this month, her new single “Hot Tears” is a breathy song that hits with it’s upbeat grooves and relaxed pacing.

From the offset, Fontaine has a voice that feels like she’s trying to draw you in. However when you couple it with the reggae vibes of the music, you realize there’s so much more happening here. The way her voice dances just a hair above the stabs of percussion and horns, the mixture of the keys and the guitar, the song is chill and without pretension as well as a track you’ll find yourself placing on repeat after you hear it once.

You can stream the single on all streaming sites, you can purchase them in all online music stores, and you can pre-order her self-titled debut album directly from Innovative Leisure. Claude Fontaine is set to perform on April 11 at Black Cat in Washington, D.C. and at Zebulon on April 26 in Los Angeles, CA.

Image Credits: Artwork Courtesy of Artist/Pitch Perfect.



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