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Jeff Tweedy to Drop New Album as Record Store Day Exclusive


For anyone who collects records, Record Store Day is a magical date that comes twice a year. For anyone who’s a fan of Wilco, Jeff Tweedy is just as magical. Last year’s Warm was Tweedy’s second foray into the land of solo releases that was filled with wondrous tones and melodies. Now with Record Store Day coming this weekend, Tweedy has announced that his companion album Warmer will be released as an exclusive on Record Store Day, with a limited number being pressed, and the lead track is definitely a song you’ll want to hear.

The lead single off of the album, “Family Ghost” has Tweedy touching on his alt-country roots while offering his signature vocals and a easy going pace that’s hard not to like. The song showcases the strong points of Tweedy’s music while stabs of synths come in and out, Tweedy does what he does best-he gives us a song we can hum along to.

The lyric video is available to stream above or on YouTube and Warmer will be made at local record shops globally on Record Store Day, April 13 and will be limited to 5,000 copies pressed total. Jeff Tweedy is on tour tonight at Lincoln Theatre in Washington, DC until May 28 at The Gov in Adelaide, Australia. Wilco is set to tour beginning June 12 in Brussels, BE at Ancienne Belgique until September 28 in London, UK at Eventim Apollo. All of the dates for Jeff Tweedy and for Wilco can be accessed here, Participating record stores for Record Store Day can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Zoran Orlic.



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