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Me You They We by Ages and Ages is Delightful Indie Pop


In the vast world of music streaming, there’s tons of gems that sometimes get overlooked. Because of two subscriptions to different sites, there’s lots that comes across my feed, Ages and Ages being one that I’m always happy to see. The choral pop group makes music that’s like if Apples in Stereo covered Electric Light Orchestra, and their latest full length Me You They We follows that tradition of fantastic indie pop. With songs that provide ear candy it’s one of those albums that should delight your senses and make you want to dance around the room as it plays.


The opener “Way Back In” is an exercise in what great crafted pop music can be. There’s no heavy production techniques getting employed, just falsetto vocals and a snappy pacing. The little touches of piano and guitar that hop on and off the track alongside the driving bass and upbeat drums are only brought to life by the backing vocals that will give you all of the feels. The way this group structures a song, there’s a magic to its simplicity, though the heavy instrumentation means there’s something more special in making it seem so simplistic. The easy going vibes of “Needle and Thread,” the catchy piano driven sounds of “Just My Luck” and the sing song feel of “Nothing Serious” all give you the type of pop you wished you heard more of.

But the true gems come from the least likely places on this release. “Unsung Songs” has a quiet build that stirs your soul while the vocal melodies soothe you into submission for the pop treats that the band lays out as the song ticks along. “All the Sounds of Summer” has these vocal nuances that dance between piano and acoustic notes that feel like a conversation between the band and the listener that you don’t get anymore in music-especially in the pop genre. “Day from Night” offers the strongest trickle of craft meeting pop structure you may hear all year, cementing what you should already know-Ages and Ages are the diamond in the rough of the pop world, and this new album is the proof that they should be bigger than anyone else calling themselves pop artists.

Me You They We is available to stream on all streaming sites, it’s available to purchase digitally from all online music retailers including Bandcamp, and you can pick it up on physical formats directly from Partisan Records. Ages and Ages is on tour beginning April 12 at The Dip in Redding, CA until June 09 at Levitt AMP Galva Music Series in Galva, IL. A complete list of their upcoming appearances can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Ebru Yildiz.

David Garrick

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