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With Debut Album, Trembler Makes Their Name Known


Few bands have sheer power anymore, or at least it seems that way sometimes. Power in their words, power in the chords they play and power enough to either clear a room or scare the hell out of everyone they’re in front of. That’s kind of the best way to describe Houston’s Trembler. Their powerful energy is fairly unmatched in many ways throughout the straight indie rock world. On their debut Trembler they amass emo touches with indie rock structures to create an album full of intrigue and interesting mixtures.

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The opener “Loud” is slow, it doesn’t ever seem to really get in a hurry, yet the power is there in every note. The second track “Triple Vision” however is just as strong, with leanings closer to nineties emo graced with math and screamo balance. Tremler is dropping straight emotion in the screamed vocals while the melodic backing vocals tell the narrative that the energy cannot.

The melodic sway and snappy drums of “Gramps” should stick with you, the upbeat stride of “Confidante” is hard to walk away from after you first hear it and the sheer searing force of “Trashcan Man” should lay to waste any notion that Trembler isn’t ready to mow you over. The riffs employed go on these little hops, creating new spaces for sound to exist without deterring from the original vision for the songs. It’s all powerful whether its a slow built up track or a song where it feels like they’re playing on stolen gear, Trembler brings energy to indie rock without being a punk band and without steering too far off the beaten path.

Trembler is available to stream on all streaming sites and it can be purchased in all online music retailers including on Bandcamp. Trembler is on tour April 13 in Austin, TX at Spokesman until April 16 at Insomnia Gallery in Houston, TX. A compete listing of their available dates can be found here.  

Image Credits: Photo by Jonathan Mazaltov.

David Garrick

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