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COP WARMTH Leaks New Album Ahead of Release


For the longest time, we’ve been fans of bands who seemingly don’t give a fuck about society, or at least what’s cool and what isn’t. Down in Houston, Texas who is to say what is and what isn’t cool. With that said, COP WARMTH has never seemed to care if their hometown thinks that they’re cool or not. Laying waste to essentially every room they play in, having the moniker “Houston’s Most Hated” hasn’t seemed to slow them down. On their new album Self Harm, they continue to mix noise and hardcore better than most who’ve tried while still letting us all know that they don’t care if we get it or not.


Like much of what they’ve released in the past, the album is full of blistering moments where feedback fueled noise falls within harsh lyricism and an unmatched ferocity. This album is no different in its scope, yet the recording is of a better quality, making those harsh notes of intensity hit that much harder. The opener “Self Harm” has a mixture of searing feedback intertwined with darkness that swells throughout the track, showcasing that the year the band spent recording the record pays off. When things get harsh, when they get fast-they’re done with more focus and intent and it works on all levels.

That’s the definition of this album. It hits like you’d expect while having a more direct sound. The careening tones and swells of “Dapper Man” sound like bodies falling from a cliff, the cutting and punishing depths of “The Long Hours” tear the flesh with their immense stabs of resonance and the stinging caustic residue from “Relationship Status” should make anyone feel how deep the band can go. With the intensity of their earlier years and the darkness of age, COP WARMTH prove that some bands get better with age, even if they don’t care if you get it or not.

The album is available to stream above or on Bandcamp. The official physical release on vinyl for Self Harm is April 19, which will be celebrated with an album release party at Insomnia Gallery in Houston, Texas. No following tour dates have been mentioned, though that information should come soon to anyone who follows the band on Facebook.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.

David Garrick

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