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The Beast You Are Delivers the Goods From Big Business


The set backs of being in a hard rock band today are mired in the fact that the genre isn’t what it once was. While that could handicap many who choose that path it seems to have only strengthened the resolve of California’s Big Business. On their new album The Beast You Are they bring all of the energy of their live sets to record, and they lay waste to anything in their path.


Bombastic and thunderous, the opener “Abdominal Snowman” is the marker for what the rest of the album is. There’s zero compromise here with vocals that sound like they’re being sung from a top a mountain out into the skies. The raw power behind “Heal the Weak,” the metal and math infused riffage of “Bright Grey” sticks to your sides like super glue and the tribal notes of “People Behave” lays claim to instructions we all pay attention to.

With all that Big Business has always been, the album takes new steps forward while never losing what got the duo to where they are today. Interwoven between the beginning and the end of the album are little vignettes that reach further than songs under the one minute mark normally would. Those little moments, “Complacency Is Killing You,” “We Can Swarm” and “We’ll Take the Good Package” allow Big Business to explore new territory without killing the energy their overall sound creates. The entire release is a nice imprint on hard rock, showing that it’s not all lost on doom metal bands that all sound alike, but that the genre can still move forward if its being lead by bands as creative as Big Business.

The Beast You Are is available to stream on all streaming sites, it can be purchased in all digital music stores including Bandcamp, and it can be picked up on physical formats directly from Joyful Noise. Big Business is on tour tomorrow in Portland, OR at Mississippi Studios until June 24 in Tucson, AZ at Club Congress. All of the band’s upcoming appearances can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Joyful Noise.



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