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Esther Rose Announces Second Album & Releases New Song


There’s just something honest about the type of country music that Esther Rose makes. At times gut wrenching and without the recent pop touches, her sound reminds you of a mixture made up from blue-collar workers and hill folk singing on their front porches. Now with her sophomore album You Made It This Far due in late August, Rose has shared her lead single and it’s definitely a song you’ll find yourself falling for.

On “Handyman,” Rose doesn’t waste time. Opening with brush stroked drums and a violin, Rose’s vocals two-step their way on to the song like they’re trying to win over everyone who hears the song. While the music is extraordinary, and the backing vocals are endearing; it’s Rose’s lead vocals that are the true shining point here. The song moseys along like a late Summer sunset, the stride is up and never really falls from that snappy pacing. The track works on all fronts and should perk anyone who hears it, as we all wait for what the full length will ultimately sound like.

“Handyman” is available to stream on all streaming sites, it can be purchased in all online music retailers as well. You Made It This Far is available for pre-order directly from Father/Daughter Records ahead of its August 23 release. Esther Rose is on tour tonight in New Orleans, LA at House of Blues until June 12 in Nashville, TN at The Station Inn. All of the upcoming tour dates from Esther Rose can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Rush Jagoe.



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