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Knotts Crafts Pop Perfection on Latest Single

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Cincinnati, OH, is an underestimated hotbed of musical talent. One of our favorite newcomers from the city is Knotts, a.k.a. Adalia Boehne, an artistic singer-songwriter. Her sound is a genre-bending pop/rock/soul hybrid, her music is wonderfully melodic and colorful, and her voice is an honest, beautiful, soaring one. We’ve seriously been digging her latest single, “Until You,” now available on limited “Barbie Dream Car Pink” 7” vinyl from Soul Step Records.

“Until You” is an undeniably catchy piece of pop songwriting. Boehne describes the joyous feeling of emerging from the throes of heartbreak upon finding a new love. Carried by a simple bass line and drum groove, the song builds with Boehne’s own reverb-filled harmonies and layered-in guitar riffs that echo the feeling of arising to find happiness after being stuck in the repetitive cycle of dealing with a breakup. Boehne’s lyrics are cheeky and fun, as illustrated by lines like “And I didn’t think that I could recover / I didn’t think that my young heart would heal / I grew so tired of doing gymnastics / I had considered the lifestyle monastic / Until you.” The vinyl release includes the track “These Days” as its B-side, an equally dreamy, windows-down kind of jam perfect for the summer days ahead.

You can stream “Until You” and “These Days” on all platforms. You can order the limited edition 7” vinyl from Soul Step Records. You can catch Knotts opening up for Lucius on May 1 at Memorial Hall in Cincinnati.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist


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