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New Sacred Paws Song Shows Tender Side to Duo


Typically, the music of Sacred Paws is upbeat and sunny, like a fresh burst of pop magic. With their new album Run Around The Sun coming in late May from Merge, the duo just dropped a new single called “How Far,” and it’s not the usual upbeat track they’ve become known for.

While still having pop nuances, the song isn’t  the “in your face” pop they’ve employed in the past. Saying so, it also isn’t a slow or sad song either. The track has plenty of guitar noodling with an almost Hawaiian sound to it. The drums with dual vocals and the meandering guitar blend nicely together like they were meant to, and the catchy stride of the track places it in your head after one listen.

“How Far” is available to stream on all streaming sites, the track can be purchased from all digital music stores and you can pr-eorder Run Around The Sun directly from Merge Records before it gets released on May 31. Sacred Paws will be on tour beginning April 27 in Glasgow, UK at Platform until July 26 in Columbus, OH at Big Room Bar. A complete list of their tour dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Katherine Rose.



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