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New Single by DEHD is Garage Rock Goodness


Chicago’s DEHD is just a couple of weeks away from releasing their sophomore album Water, and their latest single is a bit away in terms of sound from the previous singles they’ve released. On “Happy Again” the band steers closer to garage rock with an upbeat sound and vocals in the top, the song definitely sticks with whoever hears it.

Catchy and to the point, the song has the underwritten sound of sixties garage rock while still having enough pop sensibility to remain in your mind. The lo-fi recording gives the song a bit of charm while the vocals are mixed in to where they’re on of the first things you notice about the track. DEHD is definitely taking a different path here, but the song isn’t so far from their previous efforts that you’d think they reworked the  band either.

The video can be viewed on YouTube, the single can be streamed on all streaming sites and Water can be pre-ordered directly from Fire Talk Records. DEHD is on tour starting May 10 in Chicago, IL at The Empty Bottle until June 29 in Santa Barbara, CA at Velvet Jones. The band’s tour dates can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Alexa Viscius.



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