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Tacocat Offers Political Commentary Through the Guise of Surf Pop


Seattle’s Tacocat has been around eleven years and they’ve grown leaps and bounds since their start. Always giving listeners catchy hooks and upbeat sounds, their new album This Mess is a Place out today continues the band’s growth process while offering up a more refined sound. With lyrics tackling much of our over politicized climate, the four piece gets their point across in ten songs glittered with pop sheen.

The opening track “Hologram” should open your ears with its jangly guitar and upbeat pacing. The vocals are relaxed yet fleshed out, offering plenty of pop goodness that falls all over the album. Dual vocals in the chorus keep the pop tune humming along, while lyrics about being jaded with the world keep things a bit more serious. And in many ways, that’s the narrative for the entire release. Political lyrics sang through the lens of pop tinged with garage rock tones and mid-fi sounds. The riff nuanced sound of “New World” is still pop, but keeps the band’s toes in the world of rock, the neo-disco tones of “Grains of Salt” touch a bit on the band’s past while still sounding fresh and the heavily melodic tones of “Little Friend” keep the album interesting.

But with all of that there are tracks that don’t come off as sugary pop. “Rose-Colored Sky” hits hard with a mixture of post-punk licks and fuzz rock energy. “The Problem” has garage punk undertones while the doo wop chorus reminds you of bands like Ramones without lifting from them. The entire album is upbeat, whether the band is exploring the edges of pop or relying on their garage background. This Mess is a Place offers a new glance at what pop music can be, while keeping the words within as serious and ominous as our current world is.

This Mess is a Place is available to stream wherever you stream music, it can be purchased digitally in all online music stores or it can be picked up on multiple formats directly from Sub Pop Records. Tacocat will be on tour starting May 09 at Turf Club in Minneapolis, MN until June 28 at Aladdin Theater in Portland, OR. A complete listing of the band’s tour dates can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Helen Moga.

David Garrick

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