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Versing Takes Noise Pop to New Heights on 10000


Seattle’s Versing definitely does things their own way. Existing in a genre that doesn’t have too many equals, the four piece makes noise pop that’s easy on the ears without getting too sugary in the process. On their new album 10000, they take the genre to new places while giving your ears plenty to enjoy.


The album gets going with offbeat synths and the band playing their traditional roles on “Entryism.” The spacey sounds met with the indie rock touched sound work in letting you know that these guys aren’t a normal indie rock band. The noise pop nuances dance around the track while the band uses shoegaze techniques to deliver a sound that’s catchy but also not the norm. That, in many ways, is the way of the album. The squealing energy of “Offering” sways like a body being dangled from a cliff, the melodic and at times math rock placements of “Tethered” intrigue your sense and “Violeta” offers start and straight forward alt rock goodness.

But the reason that the album works so well is that Versing is full of twists and turns in how they lay out the album. While at times they may remind you of middle era Sonic Youth, it’s not a lift in any way. “Vestibule” has moments that feel like Polvo, “In Mind” feeds back with plenty of heft and “3D” has the noisey melodies you would’ve found on early Pavement albums. The entire release is steeped in nineties noise rock culture, but the band takes these pieces and creates their own puzzle in a world where few are trying to locate the same corner pieces. 10000 is a noise pop album that has materials you may have heard before, but they were never put together this skillfully or with this kind of sonic precision either. Versing is definitely doing their own thing in a genre where few are trying to take things to a whole new place.

10000 is available to stream on all streaming sites, it can be purchased in all digital music stores or directly from Hardly Art on cassette, vinyl or compact disc. Versing will be on tour beginning tonight at Holland Project in Reno, NV until August 09 at Doe Bay Fest in Olga, WA. The complete tour routing for the band can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Ryan Murphy.

David Garrick

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