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Teenage Wrist Releases Three Song E.P.


You may not be familiar with Los Angeles four piece Teenage Wrist, but judging by their riffs, they could sound really familiar to you. The group just released a new E.P. Counting Flies and it has plenty of nineties alternative rock touches all over the three songs within.

The opener “Mary” has a mix of sensibilities and riffs that sound like a mix of Quicksand and Hum. Heavily distorted guitars and squealing feedback make the song work well while the thundering drums and pedal soaked melodies make the track hit and stay with you. While the band holds those pedal soaked licks on “Believe In The Wrong Things,” it’s a bit of a departure from the opener with a more trip hop stride. The closer, “Sparkle/Fade” takes you further down the sonic landscape the band crafts. The feedback coming off the guitars is a little like the early days of Smashing Pumpkins without sounding like anything was stolen in the development.

The E.P. is available to stream on all streaming sites and can be purchased digitally wherever you buy music online via Epitaph Records. Teenage Wrist is on tour starting May 11 at The Broadberry in Richmond, VA until July 13 at Lodge Room Highland Park in Los Angeles, CA. A complete list of their upcoming tour dates can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Alice Baxley.



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