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Black Mountain Drop Riff Heavy New Single


In a time when we continuously hear that this band or that band is psych metal, Canada’s Black Mountain not only prove that they are, they lead the way on how to do it. On their new single “Licensed to Drive” from their new album Destroyer out in late May, they tick the amps up a notch and take the car off of a cliff.

The simplistic guitar notes and trippy organs that get the song going only mystify your ears to keep you listening. Black Mountain has no problem setting the stage for the heaviness to come, as drums thunderously play like they’re calling for the gods to destroy the earth. When the riffs come in they’ll remind you of early Judas Priest without sounding lifted or cheesy. The processed vocals only add to the strange while you feel like you’re being forced into a black hole of guitar heaven as it plays.

“Licensed to Drive is available to stream on all streaming sites, it can be purchased digitally from all online music stores and Destroyer can be pre-ordered directly from Jagjaguwar Records before its May 24 release. Black Mountain is on tour starting tomorrow at Lee’s Palace in Toronto, CA until November 08 at Mohawk in Austin, TX. A complete run down of their available performances can be tracked here

Image Credits: Photo by Olivia Jaffe.



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