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Charly Bliss Delivers Indie Pop Heaven on Young Enough


For the longest time, we’ve been fans of Brooklyn’s Charly Bliss. Their power pop sounds have rung throughout our ears since we first became aware of them. With plenty of history together in a short time, the four piece just released their latest offering Young Enough and it’s everything you want from a power pop band.

The opening synthesizer met with vocals that opens the album on “Blown to Bits” would normally awaken fans of the band that some things have changed, yet the notes that come forth signal a more full and produced sound. As the drums tick in alongside the guitar licks, it’s obvious that Charly Bliss is going for broke. Once the distorted guitar comes in you realize that the band’s gamble is paying off in a big way. The entire album is a gamble in terms of a bigger sound that the band navigates with ease. “The drum machine on “Capacity” adds to the band’s overall sound, the ominous tones of “Fighting in the Dark” offer a hefty notation to what the band has become known for and the toy pianos employed on “Chatroom” just mean that the band is spreading their wings in hopes of new areas to fly above.

But with all of that, Young Enough proves to be another powerful footnote in the narrative of a power pop band. The album has plenty of guitar driven tracks alongside the pop heavier tracks. “Under You” opens with a snappy stride similar to that of Plastic Bertrand’s “Ca Plane Por Moi” without lifting from it. The glittered and distorted tones have an intense shade towards power pop mixed with punk potency that places it in your noggin and keeps it there. “Camera” has touches of shoegaze that sprinkle throughout without becoming a shoegaze track at the same time. “Hard to Believe” holds its own with both elements from the record, the guttered guitar and the synth tones while still remaining a rock song enough to make it one of the stand outs. “The Truth” takes all of these elements as well and creates another standout track. With all of the wagering towards new regions, Charly Bliss is definitely mixing things up with this record and lucky for those of us who hear it-we’re better off for their expanse into the new territory.

Young Enough is available for streaming wherever you stream music, it can be purchased digitally wherever you buy music online and it can be purchased physically directly from Barsuk Records. Charly Bliss is on tour tonight in Leeds, England at Headrow House until October 17 in Kingston, Ontario at The Ale House. A complete listing of their upcoming appearances can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Ebru Yildiz.

David Garrick

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