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Latest Tim Heidecker Single Puts Upbeat Spin on Depressive Lyrics


We all know the funny antics of Tim Heidecker from his years on Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Heidecker, easily one of the funniest performers going has made most of us laugh more than any one comic in the world of comedy today. What you may not know is that Heidecker is also an accomplished musician who has released plenty of albums both as a solo artist and with Davin Wood under the name Heidecker & Wood. With his new solo album What The Brokenhearted Do out in early June, Heidecker released a new single recently, and “When I Get Up” may shock you at how solid it really is.

The video has Heidecker pitching or at least, discussing his concepts for the song’s video as a dance concept complete with funny drawn pictures as a storyboard. The song, opens with a piano met with Heidecker’s vocals including a falsetto backing vocal. The lyrics aren’t happy-go-lucky though the pacing of the song is upbeat and easy going. Complete with touches that have nods towards singer songwriters like Harry Nilsson and Randy Newman without lifting from either.

The video can be streamed above or on YouTube and the song can be streamed wherever you stream music or purchased as a digital single in all online music stores. What The Brokenhearted Do is available to pre-order directly from Jagjaguwar Records ahead of its June 07 release. Tim Heidecker will be appearing in Dallas, TX May 17 at Texas Theatre and in Austin, TX at Paramount Theatre on May 18 for On Cinema Live! performances.

Image Credits: Juliana Giraffe.

David Garrick

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