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New Track From JEMS is a Stunning Reminder of the Trio’s Strengths


The world of folk music can go one way or the other. Either you’re going to really like what comes from the genre or completely despise what you hear. However with Los Angeles trio JEMS, we can’t see why you wouldn’t adore every vocal soaked note of their music. With their self-title debut album coming this Friday, their new single “Right On Time” is engaging and intriguing while showcasing the vocal talents of the trio.

The shining example of what choral folk can be, the song isn’t littered with more than you need. The vocals stun from open to close, filling your ears with heavenly notes. The trio harmonizes off of one another with ease, while the light instrumentation has enough production quality to fill in the open spaces of the track. It all works, proving that there’s still plenty of folk acts to come who can dazzle us with their talents.

The song can be streamed above or on Soundcloud while JEMS can be pre-ordered directly from the band via Bandcamp. JEMS will be performing at The Hotel Cafe on May 18 in Los Angeles, CA until August 19 at Harvard and Stone in Los Angeles, CA. A complete list of their appearances can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Alexandria Palmer.

David Garrick

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