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Tycho Drops New Single & Announces New Album


Tycho has had the ability to strive in a time when a lot of electronic music has fallen by the wayside. Being inventive and ahead of the curve as well as pulling off thrilling live sets has always been at the forefront and now with a new single “Pink & Blue” and a new album titled Weather due in July, Tycho is ready to win over new fans and please those who been on board since the start.

The song has plenty of flowing notes that seem to dance on and off of the track. Opening with mysterious and ominous tones, things heat up quickly when the vocals and easy going beat come in. Relaxed and catchy, the song has plenty of snap and doesn’t really steer you from its intent once it gets started. The well crafted tune signals plenty of heavy instrumentation and chill vocals, giving the song plenty of weight.

“Pink & Blue” is available to stream wherever you stream music, you can purchase the song digitally wherever you buy music online, and Weather can be pre-ordered directly from Ninja Tune. Tycho will be on tour beginning July 21 in Yelgun, Australia at Splendor in the Grass until March 05, 2020 at Printworks in London, UK. A complete list of tour dates can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Scott Hansen.



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