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Apex Manor Asks and Answers with New Video


Now that Apex Manor is back after a good while away, the new songs they’ve shared have us excited about their return record Heartbreak City. The album, due at the end of May sounds like one of those releases everyone will talk about, especially after hearing their latest single “Asked & Answered.”

Having squealing guitars open a song is never a bad choice, and for the indie rock swells that these guys employ, it works on multiple levels. The gurgling bass mixed with upbeat and quick pacing of the song makes it immediately memorable while the vocals come in with a weight that’s often missing from snappy songs. Apex Manor was definitely ready to return, as this is another song that checks all of the boxes of fans both old and new.

The video for “Asked & Answered” is available to watch above or on YouTube, the song can be streamed on all streaming sites and purchased in all online music stores, Heartbreak City is available for pre-order directly from Merge Records ahead of its May 31 release on multiple formats Apex Manor is on tour May 30 in Los Angeles at Bootleg Theater until June 27 at Merge 30 in Carrboro, NC.

Image Credits: Photo by Amy Crilly.



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