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Tyler, The Creator Takes Bold Steps on IGOR


For a minute now, it’s been known that Tyler, The Creator has been a creative force in pretty much everything he’s touched. His last album Flower Boy was one of our favorites of the year, proving that Tyler could still thrive in a sea of high produced hip hop with ease. With his new album IGOR he quickly shows us that he can mix things up, reinvent how we perceive his music and give us plenty to chew on in the future as well. If Tyler, The Creator was trying to throw us all for a loop, he achieved it with this release.

Where Flower Boy was strictly a hip hop album, IGOR is nothing like its predecessor. In fact IGOR is more like an R&B album with hip hop nuances than a rap album. Setting the stage with “IGOR’S THEME,” the opening track should let you know this is a different side to what the artist is known for. “EARFQUAKE” serves up plenty of textures but almost no rapping. There’s nothing wrong with that, though it was odd to hear a lead single by an artist known for rapping with no rapping on the track. With that, it feels like IGOR is more of a transformative release for Tyler. Taking listeners to a new place, leaving behind primarily rap while using sonic touches to create an album with hip hop set pieces.

Highlights include “RUNNING OUT OF TIME” with it’s relaxed vibes, “PUPPET” with it’s flow out rhymes that feel like free verse at the opening and the almost break-up dystopian pieces of “I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE.” The album’s closer “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?” has a slow beat R&B feel that sounds like a torch burner on any other release, yet it works on multiple levels here. Tyler is definitely taking a step in a different direction which at first is a bit off-putting, yet the tracks are so different from the norm that they stick in your head as soon as you hear them. There are plenty of features here, but the focus is on the type of release that’s been made, and all of the intricacies that fall within it.

IGOR is available to stream on all streaming sites, it can be purchased in all digital music shops or directly from GOLF in multiple formats and bundles. Tyler, The Creator will appear at The Governor’s Ball in New York, NY on May 31 and at Firefly Music Festival at Dover, DE on June 21. 

Image Credits: Photo by Sam Rock.



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