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Faye Webster Wins Your Heart on Atlanta Millionaires Club


There’s a handful of times every year that you’ll get introduced to an artist who makes you think that the future of music is in good hands. While this year has given us plenty of wonderful artistry, Faye Webster is one of the artists that gives us hope for the future. On her new album Atlanta Millionaires Club out today, she mixes folk and R&B with ease while giving you plenty of tongue in cheek verses in the process.

Webster immediately pulls you in with her island themed touches on “Room Temperature,” adding little pieces that keep the song stuck in your head. The way her vocals are mixed up at the top, you hear every note from her voice while she gently pulls your attention with each note. While she mixes in country twang with R&B on “Right Side Of My Neck,” the song has that kind of seventies Juice Newton feel but also doesn’t have any antiquated touches. The diversity between these two tracks should ready you for the embarking passage that Webster will take you on throughout the rest of the release. The pedal steel that opens the slow burner “Hurts Me Too” should peak your ears, the sultry R&B notes on “Jonny” should get you in the mood to lounge and the neo-disco nuances of pop banger “Come To Atlanta” should get your feet moving. While all of these songs are different in terms of genre, they don’t feel foreign or out of place as Webster controls the narratives and drive of each track with her syrupy voice.

There’s a magic in how Webster takes country and singer songwriter vibes and then stabs them with a hip hop drum and soul piano on “Pigeon” that makes it one of the many standouts of the release. Webster has found a way to draw your ears in on whatever she’s doing while you enjoy each and every second of what she brings to the table. The album isn’t country, it isn’t pop, it’s not even R&B-it’s all Faye Webster and that should be enough. Standing out in a sea of acts that can all sound the same, Webster takes Southern charm and modern technique to mix everything together where she’s the navigator of a universe you want more and more of.

Atlanta Millionaires Club can be streamed on all platforms and can be purchased digitally from all online music retailers or on multiple formats and bundles directly from Secretly Canadian. Faye Webster is on tour starting tonight at Dot To Dot Festival in Bristol, UK until September 14 at Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta, GA. A complete listing of her upcoming tour dates can be found here

Image Credits: Artwork Courtesy of Secretly Canadian.

David Garrick

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