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French Vanilla Gets Animated in New Video


California four piece French Vanilla has mixed post-punk and glam with pop touches for a minute now. With their new album How Am I Not Myself? out in early June, their new single “Lost Power” has plenty of powerful words that are strewn a top the hook heavy post-punk tinged song.

The vocals offer the power of the words as they call out into the wild. The noodling post-punk guitar just gives the song more weight while keeping your energy. While the four piece isn’t a pop group by any means, the song has plenty of little pieces that make it memorable while the animation in the video that mixes with the band performing gives you the idea that they’re at least enjoying all of the creative forces at play.

“Lost Power” is available to stream on all platforms, it can be purchased from all digital music stores and How Am I Not Myself? can be pre-ordered physically directly from Danger Collective ahead of its June 07 release. French Vanilla is on tour beginning June 07 at Zebulon in Los Angeles, CA until August 10 at The Back Room at Colectivo in Milwaukee, WI. A complete run down of their available appearances can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Lizzie Klein.



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