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France’s MONOMOTION Releases New Single & Announces New E.P.


We wouldn’t be one hundred percent socked if you weren’t familiar with the electronic music of France’s MONOMOTION. Not because he’s an obscure artist, performer and composer-but more based on how much music doesn’t make its way into the North American market. Ahead of a new E.P. titled Fujisan due in late July, he’s dropped a new track called “Ecocline Patterns” and it should pop your ears while it stirs inner peace within you.

The track steers a bit from the techno house sound the producer has become known for and takes your ears to a more peaceful and calming place. While that doesn’t mean that it’s boring by any means, it has a more ambient nature themed feel that offers a more distanced notes where the beats are just as immense, but they aren’t pulsating when they drop either.

“Ecocline Patterns” can be streamed above or on all streaming sites, it can be purchased digitally from all online music retailers and Fujisan can be pre-ordered on multiple formats directly from Fake Music before its July 26 release. MONOMOTION doesn’t have any announced tour plans as of yet.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Fake Music.



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